Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Constipation Blues Homeopathic Treatments

A lot of us get on our morning routine with ease, others find it difficult. Some have to go three to four times a day to completely relieve themselves. Others even sing Let It Go just to assist in letting it all out. I am sure we have all undergone those situations at least once in our lives.

Constipation is often affected by mental and physical health of an individual. Analysts blame today’s modern lifestyle for the increasing common issues of constipation. People no longer have a balanced lifestyle. We are already mentally overworked and physically underworked and are oftentimes time constraint. Moreover, we are overly exposed to processed, junk and commercialized food. Fruits and vegetables are no longer part of the modern menu. Today’s food is rich in calories but low on fiber. Coffee, smoking and liquor also add more fuel to the fire. These factors are causes of constipation. 

We all know how hard it is to have constipation blues. It can even last for days. Common complaints include the feeling of being bloated, uncomfortable and heavy. Some of us resort to taking laxatives which can be very dangerous once taken too regularly. It can be habitual. Once you have taken it, you can no longer have a normal bowel release without its assistance. 

Here, homeopathic treatments have the biggest advantage. In review of the most popular treatments for constipation, homeopathy is said to improve digestive system to regain a normal flow of bowel movement. With the growing believer of homeopathy, this treatment has evolved and reached even to the western world and are known to be the most effective.

The Peterson Group, leading source of information regarding alternative, complementary and integrative medicines, has gathered some of the most popular homeopathic treatment for constipation blues. 

1. Nux Vomica

Perhaps the leading homeopathic treatment also used to cure other ailments; Nux Vomica has been effective even on cases in which laxatives are involved. This treatment is best on symptoms involving frequent urge for stool but only able to extract small quantity at a time.

2. Bryonia

In cases, where there is constipation despite increased thirst and intake of lot of water, Bryonia is one of the best homeopathic medicines for constipation. At times, the stool looks as if burnt.

3. Opium

Opium is mostly used for instance when there is no urge for stool, causing the feces to get impacted in the bowels. However, since opium can also affect mental health, it has been banned in many countries but is known to still be distributed especially in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the suburb regions of Jakarta, Indonesia.

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